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English-Hindi > wrist watch" sentence in Hindi

wrist watch in a sentence

31.In 1956 a solar powered wrist watch was invented.

32.It also produced the first wrist watch in 1810.

33.It was a transitional design between pocket watches and wrist watches, incorporating features of both.

34.The refounded Lange, again operating from Glash�tte, presented its first range of wrist watches in 1994.

35.Some wrist watches designed for aviation use still feature slide rule scales to permit quick calculations.

36.Eigeldinger specialized in wrist watches for the army.

37.In practice, a wrist watch coordinated to the nearest second with the chronometer will be adequate.

38.There's an early wrist watch developed for World War I infantry officers to use in trenches.

39.The company's policy has been to be dedicated to the production of wrist watches ever since.

40.Just then, Devi's wrist watch alarm chimes.

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