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English-Hindi > wrist watch" sentence in Hindi

wrist watch in a sentence

41.The men's wrist watches had been confiscated.

42.Accessories include " top of the line " wrist watches, an occasional earring and a few crosses.

43.Gordo was identified by his wife through his wedding ring, dentures, and a wrist watch, Cabanban said.

44.Hotter than my first wrist watch ."

45.Previously, they got certificates, a month's bonus, a wrist watch and Amanah Saham Bumiputra shares worth RM300.

46.Each member of Cure of Ares received a Westclox wrist watch as a prize for their participation.

47.So, gentlemen, start your wrist watches.

48.Some examples include wireless headsets for mobile phones or wireless heart rate sensors communicating with a wrist watch.

49.Bush looked bored during another encounter and was spotted _ and photographed _ looking at his wrist watch.

50.Five hours later, he looked at his wrist watch and realized he had not slept in 26 hours.

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