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English-Hindi > written communication" sentence in Hindi

written communication in a sentence

11.He was employed to detect whether written communications used invisible ink.

12.Essential capabilities included oral and written communications and critical thinking / problem solving.

13.The computer was the start of mass written communication using email.

14.For most adults, e-mail is their primary means of written communication.

15."' Tindi "'is an Russian are used in written communication instead.

16.It involves both the technology of communications and the art of written communication.

17.Printouts of e-mail are just another form of written communication.

18.Lockhart said the president had received written communications from Arafat as well as Barak.

19.As of 2011, BEC is the only section that contains written communication task simulations.

20.Detainees are not allowed to provide written communication to visitors.

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