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English-Hindi > written communication" sentence in Hindi

written communication in a sentence

31.This section is divided into chapters on one-to-one dynamics, written communication, and working with groups.

32.This was reflected in written communication from that period.

33.The system of written communication usually brings this result.

34.Stanton evaded the point in meetings and written communications.

35.Certainly, they will have access to computer programs which will answer their written communication needs.

36.Prior to 2011, written communication tasks were contained in all four sections of the exam.

37.Would an Oral or written communication be best?

38.And curiously, the documents released Friday contained no written communications from anyone at the Justice Department.

39.All written communication is in Hindi, not Jad.

40.Garshuni is often used today by Neo-Aramaic speakers in written communication such as letters and fliers.

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