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English-Hindi > yacht club" sentence in Hindi

yacht club in a sentence

21.Food : Three restaurants, including the Yacht Club with continental cuisine.

22.There is also a small yacht club and a golf course.

23.The Royal Fowey Yacht Club is based on the harbour front.

24.He was a foundation member of the Newcastle Cruising Yacht Club.

25.Saturday night means karaoke at one of the local yacht clubs.

26.Among them this year was Tim Woodhouse of the New York Yacht Club.

27.One night I watched Seinfeld in my room at the Lighthouse Yacht Club.

28.The illbruck Challenge will be backed by the Duesseldorf Yacht Club.

29.Then there is the matter of the New York Yacht Club.

30.The Imperial Neva Yacht Club was disbanded after the Russian Revolution.

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