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English-Hindi > yacht club" sentence in Hindi

yacht club in a sentence

41.But the St . Francis Yacht Club in San Francisco is reportedly interested.

42.Sailboat racing is very popular and competitive among local yacht clubs.

43.The LMB is a yacht club that agglutinates around 400 associates.

44.Smith is a member of the Bayview Yacht Club of Detroit.

45.At the yacht club, Peter Homberg has 3, 000 bosses.

46.Cruising Yacht Club of Australia chief executive Glenn Bourke said.

47.WBOC operates a virtual studio at the Cambridge Yacht Club.

48.I assume it would travel to the partner yacht clubs.

49.The New York Yacht Club successfully defended against 24 challenges.

50.Eleven challenging yacht clubs from 9 countries submitted formal entries.

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