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English-Hindi > yacht race" sentence in Hindi

yacht race in a sentence

11.Four books on the Sydney-to-Hobart yacht race that left six sailors dead.

12.Kemp was an authority on the design of yachts and yacht racing.

13.The rest of the boats will race under Caribbean Yacht Racing Association ratings.

14.That meant Alinghi sailed less distance faster, yacht racing's Holy Grail.

15.The Yacht Racing Union named him World yachtsman of the year.

16.The 1947 Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race involved a fleet of 28 competitors.

17.There are dinghy and yacht races and activities organised for those less competitive.

18.A keen sportsman who Yacht race with Cronin at the helm.

19.It also features scenes of the 1958 America's Cup yacht races.

20.He also sailed six times in the grueling Sydney-Hobart yacht race.

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