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English-Hindi > yacht race" sentence in Hindi

yacht race in a sentence

31.Yacht racing captain Dennis Conner did promotional work for Ocean Spray in 1995.

32.Jack had a successful yacht racing career from 1946 to 1955.

33.The 1952 Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race comprised a fleet of 17 competitors.

34.He was the best competitor in the 1988 trans-Tasman yacht race.

35.The whole syndicate should be geared to winning the yacht race.

36.Yacht racing's love affair with the Star Class is not over.

37.Fernando Bolin, special events chairman for the International Yacht Racing Union, said Wednesday.

38.Because the America's Cup is more than just a yacht race.

39.But this is large-yacht racing for the first time since before World War II.

40.Gardini's death marked the end of a gilded era in yacht racing for Cayard.

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