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English-Hindi > yacht race" sentence in Hindi

yacht race in a sentence

41.It was as touchy as it gets in yacht racing.

42.Paul Henderson, president of the International Yacht Racing Union, took the storm in stride.

43.The lake has also been used for model yacht racing.

44.The start of the leg coincides with the annual Sydney to Hobart yacht race.

45.In the world of international yacht racing, they are equivalent to an expansion team.

46.He also used his scientific skills to help make yacht racing fairer and safer.

47.The sport is called ice boating or, as many participants prefer, ice yacht racing.

48.On 17 August 1960, she patrolled the Acapulco Yacht Race.

49.Such is the high-stakes world of America's Cup yacht racing.

50.The America's Cup is more than just a yacht race.

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