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English-Hindi > yachtswoman" sentence in Hindi

yachtswoman in a sentence

21.The team went to Plymouth to make repairs, with fellow yachtswoman Tracy Edwards supplying a replacement piece from the Maiden 2 racer.

22.A yachtswoman herself, Browne enjoyed the experience immensely, and the painting of Alfonso XIII is considered one of her finest works.

23.But local yachtswoman and RNLI lifeboat secretary Miss Mary Burton made a large private donation to ensure the pier was saved for the town.

24.Yachtswoman Tracy Edwards and an all-female crew set sail for New York Thursday to prepare for a challenge on the transatlantic speed record.

25.Around Alone yachtswoman Isabelle Autissier has capsized and taken to a life raft in the Southern Pacific Ocean, race organizer Dan McConnell said Tuesday.

26.British yachtswoman Ellen MacArthur set sail on a solo, nonstop world tour on Sunday, hoping to circumnavigate the globe in the fastest time ever.

27.French yachtswoman Isabelle Autissier was fighting for survival Tuesday after apparently capsizing in the Southern Ocean during the solo around the world race, organizers said Tuesday.

28.British yachtswoman Ellen MacArthur was nearly eight hours ahead of the pace Monday in her bid for a new solo around-the-world sailing record.

29.She was named ICSA Women s College Sailor of the Year in 2005, US Sailing s Rolex Yachtswoman of the Year every year from 2008 2011.

30.On Friday, in a ceremony in Manhattan at the New York Yacht Club, the Olympians were named the 2000 Rolex Yachtsmen and Yachtswomen of the Year.

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