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English-Hindi > yagan" sentence in Hindi

yagan in a sentence

11.Yagan's descendent, Ken Colbung, 66, told a news conference.

12.They can understand the grief that all us went through for our son Yagan.

13.After his shooting, settlers removed Yagan's head to claim the bounty.

14.Yagan remained at large for over two months.

15.When the party of settlers arrived, they found Yagan dead and Heegan dying.

16.OkCupid s co-founder and CEO Sam Yagan remains CEO of the site.

17."The purpose of my visit is the recovery of Yagan's head.

18.Yagan spent his life building bridges between Australia's colonists and its native Aborigines.

19.Yagan and Gyallipert competed at spear throwing.

20.He used much of that time in an effort to learn Yagan's language.

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