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English-Hindi > yagan" sentence in Hindi

yagan in a sentence

31.Meeting on 21 September, the Yagan Steering Committee decided to lobby Australian and British politicians for support.

32.A delegation of Aboriginal elders was expected to leave Perth for Britain soon to recover Yagan's skull.

33.Yagan was a resistance fighter against British colonization who was killed by a bounty hunter in Australia in 1833.

34.Yagan was a resistance fighter against British colonization of Australia who was killed by a bounty hunter in 1833.

35.In December 1831 Yagan and his father led the first significant Aboriginal resistance to white settlement in Western Australia.

36.The Yagan statue holds a spear, which has been stolen twice and bent out of shape several other times.

37.Bodney had a genealogical chart which he claimed proved his family group were the only true living descendants of Yagan.

38.A court cleared the way Friday for an Aboriginal delegation in London to collect the head of their ancestor Yagan.

39.One of the recovery party, Ken Colbung, caused controversy when he linked the deaths of Diana and Yagan.

40.On 26 January Yagan led a group of ten formally armed Noongars in greeting the two men near Lake Monger.

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