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English-Hindi > yanker" sentence in Hindi

yanker in a sentence

31.CRANK TV : Free weekend minutes on cell phones may be breathing new life into prank phone calls, and now so will " Crank Yankers, " a new show from Comedy Central.

32.After season 1, Eminem took a liking to Florentine's characters and flew him out to his Detroit studio to do prank calls together for the upcoming season of " Crank Yankers ".

33.He can be heard as " Spoonie Luv " on the Comedy Central program " Crank Yankers " and as Woof in the animated series " Where My Dogs At ? ".

34.Sound of Urchin are also known for their affiliation with Tenacious D; Urchin was the opening act on their 2001 tour, and Tomato played drums with them for their 2002 Comedy Central Crank Yankers recording of  Friendship.

35.She also provided the voice of Helen Higgins on the Comedy Central series " Crank Yankers "; she was an occasional correspondent on the first season of the network's " The Daily Show ".

36.Attitudes to stand-up began to change in 2002 when the channel released an uncensored CD of the network's program " Crank Yankers, " which features various human-like puppets making off-color crank calls to one another.

37.The station also played prank calls from Crank Yankers and other sources, parody songs ( labeled " Poon Tunes " ), and interviews with active comedians ( Marc Maron, Larry The Cable Guy, Dave Attell, and many more ).

38."I got into this little anger management program . . . and today I stand before you a changed man, " said Eminem, onstage with the puppet Special Ed from the Comedy Central series " Crank Yankers ."

39.Stern has worked with Jimmy Kimmel's production company Jackhole Productions on shows such as " Jimmy Kimmel Live ! ", " The Man Show " as segment director, and " Crank Yankers " as director and supervising producer.

40.He was the co-host and co-creator of the television program " The Man Show " ( 1999 2004 ), and the co-creator and a regular performer on the television show " Crank Yankers " ( 2002 2007 ).

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