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English-Hindi > yeti" sentence in Hindi

yeti in a sentence

11.A yeti was reportedly captured in Russia in December 2011.

12.The most surprising thing about yeti is their ability to manipulate time.

13.Chang tells Tintin that the Yeti saved his life after the crash.

14.Despite attacking with her giant mechanical Yeti, Ty defeats her

15.Yeti split sometime towards the end of 2008 / 09.

16.Yeti _ tirilen ?retmenlere ?rencileri nas1l muvaffakiyetsizle _ tirecekleri ?retiliyor.

17.Yani ?retmenler birer muvaffakiyetsizle _ tirici olarak yeti _ tiriliyorlar.

18.The Yeti then leave with Professor Travers'unconscious body.

19.On the surface, the yeti ambush the soldiers at Covent Garden.

20.She has been killed by some large animal  possibly a Yeti.

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