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English-Hindi > zambezi river" sentence in Hindi

zambezi river in a sentence

11.She scheduled a sunset cruise along the Zambezi River to end the day.

12.The river discharges 10 km?per year into the Zambezi River.

13.To reach his target, Ed must cross the mighty Zambezi River and flood plain.

14.Gedi is one of many medieval Zambezi River in Mozambique.

15.It is the site of one of the five bridges across the Zambezi river.

16.The Autobots soon engage Dropkick, Macerator, and Payload in battle in the Zambezi River.

17.This addition to German South West Africa attached the colony to the Zambezi River.

18.She has since guided paddle boats on Zambia's Zambezi River and the Bio Bio River.

19.Floodwaters also damaged the road to the ferry that crosses the Zambezi River at Caia.

20.Swept over the brink like the wide Zambezi River?

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