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English-Hindi > zambezi river" sentence in Hindi

zambezi river in a sentence

21.Other significant basins of this type are those of Lake Chad and the Zambezi rivers.

22.Eventually Nyambe decided to cross the Zambezi River, but Kamunu carved a canoe and followed.

23.It had infested the Zambezi River by 1949.

24.Palin then moves on to Victoria Falls on the Zambezi River, where he goes whitewater rafting.

25.The match was raced on the Zambezi River near the Victoria Falls on 18 August 1910.

26.For further details of ecological problems caused by the dam, see the article on the Zambezi River.

27.It also lies on the north end of the Dona Ana railway bridge over the Zambezi River.

28.He is buried in the European Cemetery in Chinde, Mozambique at the mouth of the Zambezi River.

29.This caused the middle and lower Zambezi Rivers to connect, resulting in the formation of Victoria Falls.

30.The Zambezi River flows through the area.

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