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English-Hindi > zambezi" sentence in Hindi

zambezi in a sentence

41.The safari ends at the Zambezi Rest Stop, a restaurant overlooking the lake.

42.The Victoria Falls represents the Zambezi river, from which Zambia takes its name.

43.The province is bordered along Zimbabwe and separated by the Lower Zambezi National Park.

44.It is the site of one of the five bridges across the Zambezi river.

45.This addition to German South West Africa attached the colony to the Zambezi River.

46.Zambezi sharks tolerate fresh water and can travel far up rivers like the Limpopo.

47.It had infested the Zambezi River by 1949.

48.The Zambezi rises in northwest Zambia, with many headstreams in the jungles of Angola.

49.They go anywhere, yawning at disaster on the Zambezi, the Orinoco, Everest.

50.Floodwaters also damaged the road to the ferry that crosses the Zambezi River at Caia.

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