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English-Hindi > zanier" sentence in Hindi

zanier in a sentence

31.He is not so much the author's alter ego as his emissary to the wilder, zanier shores of a dilemma that by now is more than his own and Turkey's.

32.Some of the nation's biggest karaoke companies are abandoning the business, while others are trying ever zanier gimmicks to win back fans _ from erotic music videos to karaoke for the car.

33.And the occasional cataclysm can throw everything askew : In one of the zanier twists, a family member is eaten by a crocodile while appearing in a " Survivor "-style reality television show.

34.If you like your shows silly and zany, they don't get much sillier or zanier than this, with the hosts wearing moose hats and the audience participating in skits, games, and dancing.

35.She's introduced sucking on packet of honey, and it's a tease for a zanier movie ( a barely post-pubescent " Something Wild, " perhaps ) that never arrives.

36.The score was knotted at 5-5 at the time, and the Dynamiters sent out an S . O . S . for either Seth Martin or Reno Zanier, but neither was in the arena.

37.When the two crossed paths last month at a tournament in Germany, he made peace with Spirlea, who has developed a reputation as one of the zanier, and most foul-mouthed, players on the women's tour.

38.Some employers have shied away because they're afraid employees will day trade or load up on some zany stock . ( On the other hand, many employers encourage workers to pile into company stock _ an even zanier idea .)

39.In one of the film's zanier scenes, Victor Borisovich ( Svetozar Cvetkovic ), an expatriate Russian soldier and the film's main character, impulsively hoists himself on ropes to the statue's head to wash its face.

40._One even zanier non-suicide attempt ( in the middle of the night after the window incident, a friend awakes to discover Taylor in the kitchen holding a big knife ! _ with which she is making a cheese sandwich );

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