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English-Hindi > zanies" sentence in Hindi

zanies in a sentence

21.And the driving force behind these zany antics are the hosts.

22.If serious fails for Williams, there's always zany.

23.He is a zany character with a zany sense of humor.

24.He is a zany character with a zany sense of humor.

25.FAO also owns the Zany Brainy and The Right Start stores.

26.Annakin and Davies continued to develop the script with zany interpretations.

27.To Genaro Rodas's horror, V�squez shoots the Zany.

28.His columns range from serious to mildly offbeat to outright zany.

29.It is a zany parody of traditional crime-noir literature.

30.Darryl's zany mechanical concepts extend to his appearance.

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