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English-Hindi > zea mays" sentence in Hindi

zea mays in a sentence

11.While earlier research pointed to edible domestic plants such as achira, and corn ( Zea Mays ) to the list of foods consumed in the region.

12.In " Zea mays ", salicylic acid and JA are mediated by NPR1 ( nonexpressor of pathogenesis-related genes1 ), which is essential in preventing herbivores from exploiting this antagonistic system.

13.Approximately 6000 BC, these peoples were among the first to begin farming; among their early crops were bottle gourd, " Lagenaria siceraria ", and an early type of maize, " Zea mays"

14.""'Novosphingobium rhizosphaerae " "'is a Gram-negative, non-spore-forming and rod-shaped bacterium from the genus of Novosphingobium which has been isolated from the rhizosphere of the plant Zea mays in Tallassee in the United States.

15.Recent debates among scientists center on where exactly in the Balsas River valley this type of teosinte ( " Zea mays ssp . parviglumis " ) grew in times past, when corn was domesticated.

16.In addition to these, " Zea mays " ( Maize ) and " Cocos nucifera " ( Coconut ) have been introduced by visiting Indonesian fishermen as food sources, but these are not naturalised.

17.In the early 20th century, Station scientists Edward M . East and Herbert K . Hayes began attempts to improve the quality and yield of corn ( Zea mays ) through selective breeding and hybridization.

18.Popcorn, also known as "'popping corn "', is a type of corn ( maize, " Zea mays var . everta " ) that expands from the strains of corn are now cultivated specifically as popping corns.

19.""'Chryseobacterium zeae " "'is a Gram-negative and rod-shaped bacteria from the genus of Chryseobacterium which has been isolated from stem from a sweet corn plant ( Zea mays ) in Macon County in the United States.

20.Others are the " lazy " ( i . e . ageotropic or agravitropic ) varieties of corn ( " Zea mays " ) and varieties of rice, barley and tomatoes, whose shoots grow along the ground.

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