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English-Hindi > zea mays" sentence in Hindi

zea mays in a sentence

21.""'Chryseobacterium rhizoplanae " "'is a Gram-negative and rod-shaped bacteria from the genus of Chryseobacterium which has been isolated from the rhizoplane environment of a field with maize ( Zea mays ) in Tallassee in the United States.

22.For example, recent study of the corn ( Zea mays ) genotype uncovered dozens of ancient selective sweeps uniting modern cultivars on the basis of shared genetic data possibly dating back as far as domestic corn's wild counterpart, teosinte.

23.Indigenous peoples in western Mexico began to selectively breed maize ( " Zea mays " ) plants from precursor grasses ( e . g ., teosinte ) around 8000 BC, and intensive corn farming began between 1800 and 1500 BC.

24."' Hugh Hellmut Iltis "'( April 7, 1925  December 19, 2016 ) was professor emeritus of botany at the University of Wisconsin Madison and was best known for his discoveries in the domestication of corn ( " Zea mays " ).

25.Some specific plants of the New World he described include : vanilla, the first written account of it; corn ( Zea mays L . ), in long and detailed chapters; four varieties of cacao; tobacco; chilis; tomatoes, in four chapters; cacti, in fourteen chapters.

26.Genetic studies led by John Doebley identified " Zea mays " ssp . " parviglumis ", native to the Balsas River valley in Mexico's southwestern highlands, and also known as Balsas teosinte, as being the crop wild relative teosinte genetically most similar to modern maize.

27.Several scientists have determined the composition of plant root mucilage using monosaccharide analysis and linkage analysis showing that Maize ( Zea mays ) root mucilage contained high levels of galactose, xylose, arabinose, rhamnose, glucose, and lower levels of uronic acid, mannose, fucose and glucuronic acid.

28.The traditional method of scientific naming is under the " International Code of Nomenclature for algae, fungi, and plants ", and many of the most important cultigens, like maize ( " Zea mays " ) and banana ( " Musa acuminata " ), are so named.

29.Utilizing a [ 35 S ] methionine-labeled precursor protein, Sommer et al . elucidated a proteolytic processing pathway common to a variety of plants including pea ( " Pisum sativum " ), tomato ( " Lycopersicon esculentum " ), and maize ( " Zea mays " ).

30.New Grounds utilized the research of the innovators Keith Howard and Mark Zaffron to build a completely green studio, and, according to a research paper written by Liz Chalfin from Zea Mays Printmaking studio, New Grounds was one of the first nontoxic printmaking studios in the United States.

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