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English-Hindi > zea" sentence in Hindi

zea in a sentence

31.No indications of these characters in any recorded form of Zea mays had thus far been found.

32.Commentators gave the episode mixed reviews, though most applauded Natalie Zea's role as Maxine.

33.Kanipchen-Fit and Zea then go on tour together through Germany, Italy and the Balkans.

34.Nearly 20, 000 spectators lined the Bay of Zea off the Piraeus coast to watch the events.

35."Helicoverpa zea " is the most common and destructive pest of soybean growth in Virginia.

36.In 1977, the museum changed its name to the Francisco Antonio Zea Museum of Art of Medell�n.

37.Avaliacao dos Danos Causados Pela Heliothis Zea ( Boddie, 1850 ) Associados A Aspergillus Flavus Em Milho.

38.Corn, or maize, known scientifically as Zea mays, had been established as the first American crop.

39."I think the family is feeling the same anxiety that we have, " said Zea.

40.In Athens, competitors swam in the frigid Bay of Zea while 40, 000 spectators watched on shore.

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