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English-Hindi > zebu" sentence in Hindi

zebu in a sentence

11.The district has about 117, 000 head of local Zebu cattle.

12.Girs are considered to be the most gentle of the Zebu breeds.

13.In Brazil, the Indian cows are known as the Zebu breed.

14.Zebu are central to the religious and social life of the Antandroy.

15.He declared zebu meat to be fit for human consumption.

16.In contrast, the Nandipada is generally associated with the zebu bull.

17.Zebu breeds have been widely crossed with European cattle.

18.Originally from India, the Zebu is an animal used for pulling loads.

19.Sheep and goats are also raised here, with zebu being recently introduced.

20.ZeBu has static, dynamic and flexible probes for retrieving and depositing data.

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