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English-Hindi > secured debt

secured debt meaning in Hindi

secured debt sentence in Hindi

प्रतिभूत ऋण
secured    विश्वसनीय
debt    उधार ऋण कर्ज कर्ज़
1.Among its liabilities were $ 211 . 5 million in secured debt.

2.The company negotiated with lenders to restructure terms of its secured debt.

3.BHP Billiton's offer to senior secured debt-holders is for 70 pence per pound.

4.Moody's Investors Service lowered its ratings on $ 13 billion of Williams'secured debt.

5.Of the liabilities, $ 13 . 6 million are listed as secured debt.

6.Of the liabilities, $ 13.6 million are listed as secured debt.

7.Total unsecured and secured debt stood at about $ 1.95 million, the filing said.

8._Secured debts, or those you've incurred by offering the lender some form of collateral.

9.Among its liabilities were $ 211.5 million in secured debt.

10.The company's senior secured debt was lowered to " BBB + " from " AA-".

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