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English-Hindi > seditious libel

seditious libel meaning in Hindi

seditious libel sentence in Hindi

राजद्रोहात्मक अपमान-लेख
राजद्रोही अपमान लेख
seditious    उपद्रवी राजद्रोही
libel    अपराध परिवाद
1.Larkin was later arrested, charged, and convicted of riot and seditious libel.

2.The bishops'petition had been described as a false, malicious and seditious libel.

3.Within three months, he was arrested and charged with seditious libel.

4.On 17 November, Zenger was arrested for seditious libel against Cosby.

5.The law criminalizes defamatory and seditious libel, but is rarely applied.

6.According to Graham Macklin, Burgess was lucky to escape prosecution for seditious libel.

7.Within three months he was arrested and charged with seditious libel.

8.Gourlay was accused of seditious libel, but was later cleared of these charges.

9.Like Williams, he was prosecuted for seditious libel and blasphemous libel.

10.The crime of seditious libel was presumed to persist, although last prosecuted in 1901.

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