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a bull in a china shop sentence in Hindi

"a bull in a china shop" meaning in Hindi
  • "You would have to know absolutely nothing about Russian history to behave in the Caucasus like a bull in a china shop, " said Vyacheslav Shostakovsky, a member of the parliament faction headed by the economic reformer Grigory Yavlinsky.
  • Mix in the 4 reverts and the combative behavior while they ignore multiple editors on the talk page telling Staszek that they're not understanding key entomological details here, and we've got a bull in a china shop effect going on.
  • Although I reverted my revert and removed the warning, I was accused of " going in like a bull in a china shop . " However, I calmly conversed with the user, and, sure enough, WP : AGF paid off.
  • Her menacing presence like a bull in a China shop and the unrealistic demands every now and then had not only emboldened other coalition partners to make discordant noises but also made Vajpayee look shrunk in stature and a pathetic picture.
  • Clinton pollster Stanley Greenberg told reporters last week that the public sees Gingrich as " a bull in a china shop, " a leader who often appears out of control and out of step with the vast majority of U . S . voters.
  • If you would stop for five minutes to think this through, instead of charging full steam ahead like a bull in a china shop, you'd see that embedded links and footnotes, when properly used, add the same amount of information, and that both suffer from the possibility that links may die.
  • The WP : RSN is where you take questions regarding the reliability of a source-if the Twitter is contested, you go there for external advice / opinion-you sure as hell don't charge forward like a bull in a china shop ( ?! ') 22 : 57, 18 April 2013 ( UTC)
  • Accusing an administrator of " running around like a bull in a china shop " and " rambling " is getting a bit close to WP : AGF and WP : NPA in my opinion, especially if you are not aware of policy on the matter . "'[ TALK ] 12 : 10, 21 June 2010 ( UTC)
  • And that TJRC kept editing my comments ( in particular reverting my edits, over and over ) in a way that bore no relation to that issue, like a bull in a china shop-- he did NOT remove interspersed responses, though clearly he still thinks that's what he was doing with that edit, which he redid over and over and over.
  • :: As I interpret the comments regarding civility in the oppose section, primarily those made by and and expanded by others, the root concern appears to be that I'm going to barge in like a bull in a china shop and start blocking people for what I perceive to be civility infractions, contrary to the community's current consensus of what civility " is ".
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