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abuser sentence in Hindi

"abuser" meaning in Hindi
  • The abusers came from rebel Serb paramilitary groups, Gasi claimed.
  • Now I am more confident of sending child abusers to jail,
  • It resumes Tuesday with evidence from some of the alleged abusers.
  • It will not have the power to suggest punishment for abusers.
  • He is an admitted drug abuser who has undergone extensive rehabilitation.
  • The defense described Hampton as a homeless drug and alcohol abuser.
  • It has since emerged that Smith was a serial child abuser.
  • The Brothers sought and received permission to deal with abusers anonymously.
  • This user is a persistent vandal, abuser and POV pusher.
  • However, it is clear he is a serial sockpuppet abuser.
  • The identities of the abusers was also to be kept secret.
  • Phinn was responsible for knowingly distributing abusers like Cotter throughout Boston.
  • Pending changes as it now stands only affects the IP abusers.
  • Is there a general rule of abused persons turning into abusers?
  • The significance of the race of the abusers was hotly disputed.
  • -- Never tell the abuser or anyone else you are leaving.
  • The abusers try to control their victims and can be extremely jealous.
  • Often, an emotional abuser will be domineering and controlling.
  • Dallas Green has never had much sympathy for drug abusers.
  • Brother Tom, 43, is a former drug and alcohol abuser.
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