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cable rate sentence in Hindi

"cable rate" meaning in Hindicable rate in a sentence
  • Cable rates would be deregulated, and media companies could enlarge their holdings more easily.
  • Congress went too far in regulating cable rates in 1992.
  • Johnson said the cable rate increases is in line with other consumer price increases.
  • In addition, senators rejected Democrats'proposals to temper the cable rate deregulation provisions in the bill.
  • Over the past year, cable rates have been rising at a pace four times inflation.
  • But they said that even this does not justify a wholesale increase in cable rates.
  • Satellite operators have put pressure on the cable rates in the markets where they compete.
  • But now, unlike in the 1980s, consumers may have little recourse to mushrooming cable rates.
  • The earlier version deregulated cable rates only when a certain level of competition was achieved.
  • For consumers, it could mean price competition at a time when cable rates are skyrocketing.
  • That will help offset the FCC's cable rate rollbacks.
  • Proponents of deregulation argue that the competition unleashed by the bill will curb cable rates.
  • It removes most cable rate controls, and lets broadcasters own more radio and TV stations.
  • And government data show cable rates going up twice as fast as programming cost increases.
  • Each cable rating point equals 880, 000 households.
  • Cable rates are currently set by state regulators.
  • Nevertheless, consumer groups denounced the bill as a corporate boon that would send cable rates soaring.
  • Consumer advocacy groups have petitioned the FCC to freeze cable rates until the problem is resolved.
  • Since 1996, cable rates have increased 35 percent.
  • Monthly TV cable rates typically exceed $ 23.
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