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cable rate sentence in Hindi

"cable rate" meaning in Hindicable rate in a sentence
  • Cable rates began climbing almost immediately after President Clinton signed the telecommunications law in February 1996.
  • For weeks, industry lobbyists and lawmakers have been predicting a political bargain on cable rate regulation.
  • Each cable rating point represents 225, 000 homes.
  • Consumer groups called for a freeze on cable rates, and the Federal Communications Commission is considering it.
  • You think cable rates are too high?
  • Cable rates are rising 8 percent to 10 percent, more than four times the pace of inflation.
  • Nobody said anything about lowering cable rates.
  • And cable rates have soared 21 percent.
  • Woody does not raise our cable rates.
  • The combined 8 . 7 cable rating is the equivalent of a 6 . 5 broadcast rating.
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