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cognitive map sentence in Hindi

"cognitive map" meaning in Hindi
  • There has been some evidence for the idea that the cognitive map is represented in the hippocampus by two separate maps.
  • Other than the medial entorhinal cortex, the presubiculum and parietal cortex have also been implicated in the generation of cognitive maps.
  • Place cells are thought, collectively, to act as a cognitive representation of a specific location in space, known as a cognitive map.
  • The cognitive map likely exists on a circuit involving much more than just the hippocampus, even if it is primarily based there.
  • Together place cells are thought to form a " cognitive map " in which they have localized firing patterns called place fields.
  • Traditional knowledge GIS are more valuable than ordinary cognitive maps in that they express environmental and spiritual relationships among real and conceptual entities.
  • In an anonymous 1671 woodcut " The Hand as a Cognitive Map, " outward marks are signs of a man's interior life and fate.
  • Cognitive maps have been studied in various fields, such as psychology, education, archaeology, planning, geography, cartography, architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning, management and history.
  • See cognitive map, although that article covers more abstract maps than strictly geographical ones .-- Ginkgo100 19 : 41, 10 May 2006 ( UTC)
  • In most cases, a cognitive map exists independently of a mental map, an article covering just cognitive maps would remain limited to theoretical considerations.
  • In most cases, a cognitive map exists independently of a mental map, an article covering just cognitive maps would remain limited to theoretical considerations.
  • Specifically, pyramidal cells ( place cells, boundary cells, and grid cells ) have been implicated as the neuronal basis for cognitive maps within the hippocampal system.
  • Thus, based on information from studies thus far, the cognitive map theory seems to be most supported and non-spatial theories may fail to take spatial components into account.
  • Within directional cues, both explicit cues, like markings on a compass, as well as gradients, like shading or magnetic fields, are used as inputs to create the cognitive map.
  • This experiment proved that rats have the ability to generate a cognitive map when exposed to their surroundings and can process this information when needed to complete a task.
  • Several types of fish ( particularly goldfish ) have been shown experimentally to have strong spatial memory abilities, even forming " cognitive maps " of the areas they inhabit.
  • The neural correlates of a cognitive map have been speculated to be the place cell system in the hippocampus and the recently discovered grid cells in the entorhinal cortex.
  • The spatial theory was originally championed by O'Keefe and Nadel, who were influenced by E . C . Tolman's theories about " cognitive maps " in humans and animals.
  • As Kardov puts it, Vukovar remains divided by an " invisible boundary line . . . inscribed only on the cognitive map of the members of one particular group ."
  • However, there has been some dispute as to whether such studies of mammalian species indicate the presence of a cognitive map and not another, simpler method of determining one's environment.
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