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damage area sentence in Hindi

"damage area" meaning in Hindi  
  • The Passion Play attracts thousands of visitors who also damage areas including caves.
  • The cells seem to go only to damaged areas, Chiu says.
  • Eleven vehicles remain to be checked, but they are in a less-damaged area.
  • Repair the damaged area by filling any gaps or cracks with joint compound.
  • The damaged area is transparent and reveals a network of veins.
  • President Clinton is scheduled to visit some damaged areas on Wednesday.
  • The damaged area accounted for about 25 percent of plant operations, Whelan said.
  • Reports of looting also began to arrive from the damaged areas.
  • Fossum's team opened the defective organ, removed abnormal tissue and repaired damaged areas.
  • When moisture enters the damaged area, the line become noisy or goes dead.
  • First, measure the damaged area, then cut a patch large enough to cover it.
  • Gov . Pete Wilson also toured flood-damaged areas last week.
  • In the most damaged areas, how much sand will you get between your toes?
  • Food supplies were growing thin in some of the most damaged areas, officials said.
  • Damaged areas may take substantial periods of time to repair.
  • Faubourg Marigny shared a ZIP code with more badly-damaged areas.
  • Use the hacksaw to cut the metal bead above and below the damaged area.
  • Special ties were brought in from across the country to repair the damaged area.
  • Missouri officials told the National Guard to be ready to go to storm-damaged areas.
  • Clinton will tour earthquake-damaged areas Tuesday and go sightseeing Wednesday.
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