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dish out sentence in Hindi

"dish out" meaning in Hindi
  • But she's prepared for whatever her critics may dish out.
  • He was always taking the dishes out to the kitchen.
  • If there is money to dish out, then we are always ready for it,
  • You can't just take whatever Big Brown dishes out ."
  • See if the team that loves to dish out pressure can really handle it.
  • Queen of cakes dishes out top Chinese fare, HONGKONG STANDARD
  • They don't know what this mountain can dish out ."
  • Most dish out their cash to universities and art galleries.
  • The authority which dishes out funds generally favours applied research.
  • Diaz dishes out challenges as readily as she accepts them.
  • "We're making two dishes out of the same chicken ."
  • Also, high winds can knock the dishes out of alignment.
  • Oak Hill still had plenty of pain to dish out.
  • In Silicon Valley, surly servers in hairnets do not dish out mushy mystery meat.
  • A giant black satellite dish out back points ominously skyward.
  • Just before they leave their home Joe tosses all the dishes out the window.
  • Big backs dish out punishment, but also absorb a lot,
  • The Sanitation Department dishes out $ 11, 500 in overtime.
  • Fearful workers are quietly taking whatever employers dish out.
  • Morris dishes out some inside dirt about White House deliberations and settles some old scores.
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