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nameable sentence in Hindi

"nameable" meaning in Hindi  
  • She argues for its " extraordinary impact on its audiences and readers ", and attributes this to  Grahn s assumption of an utterly believable, vulnerable poetic voice that fearlessly and scrupulously speaks the truth to an overwhelming but nonetheless nameable, identifiable, and therefore negotiable power .  Backus argues that Grahn's " prophetic poetic voice " may be attributed to works such as " Lycidas " or that of the poets Shakespeare and Donne.
  • In the chapter dealing with logical and linguistic relations, the " Sambandha-samudde [ a ", Bhartrhari discusses several statements of a paradoxical nature, including " sarvam mithy brav + mi " " everything I am saying is false " which belongs to the liar paradox family, as well as the paradox arising from the statement that something is unsignifiable ( in Sanskrit : " avcya " ) : this becomes nameable or signifiable precisely by calling it unnameable or unsignifiable.
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