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process condition sentence in Hindi

"process condition" meaning in Hindi
  • A variant of the activated sludge process is the Nereda process where aerobic granular sludge is developed by applying specific process conditions that favour slow growing organisms.
  • "A life is more important than Big Brother, " he said Thursday, " if you have due process conditions, and my bill has due process conditions ."
  • "A life is more important than Big Brother, " he said Thursday, " if you have due process conditions, and my bill has due process conditions ."
  • FCI utilizes these precision flow stands to flow actual gases and reference fluids matched to the temperature, process conditions, and line size of individual customer flow meter applications.
  • To ensure that the sample that is going to be extracted for analysis represents the process conditions exactly, it is important to choose the correct sample extraction probe.
  • Paraelectricity has been explored as a possible refrigeration mechanism; polarizing a paraelectric by applying an electric field under adiabatic process conditions raises the temperature, while removing the field lowers the temperature.
  • Generally, stabilization of response is required and the process must not oscillate for any combination of process conditions and setpoints, though sometimes marginal stability ( bounded oscillation ) is acceptable or desired.
  • Typical process conditions are 50 �C and atmospheric pressure, with a feed mix of H 2 O 2 : ketone : NH 3 in a molar ratio of about 1 : 2 : 4.
  • However, initially, simple thermometers such as those containing mercury, and pressure gauges which were completely mechanical in nature were used to monitor process conditions ( such as the temperature, pressure and level in a chemical reactor ).
  • Later, stereochemical studies by Stille and coworkers yielded chemical products that indicated the Wacker process proceeds via anti-addition; however, since these experiments were run under conditions significantly different from industrial Wacker process conditions, the conclusions were disputed.
  • On blended fabrics such as Polyester / Cotton the durability depends largely on the proportion of synthetic fibre component present as well as the amount and type of finishing additives used and the machinery and process conditions employed.
  • Careful control of process conditions to favor the alpha polymorphs results in a product that remains free flowing over extended storage times, thus avoiding caking as occurs with both copper sulfate and the botallackite crystal form-also called beta basic copper chloride.
  • TDP is a modular, scalable commercial solution that can be tailored for a variety of budgets and needs . �Ecolomondo has achieved proprietary automation & technological milestones in process conditions, safety, production yields, capacity flexibility, water recycling, post process treatment & automation.
  • According to the American Society of Mechanical Engineers ( ASME ), causes of welding defects can be broken down as follows : 45 percent poor process conditions, 32 percent operator error, 12 percent wrong technique, 10 percent incorrect consumables, and 5 percent bad weld grooves.
  • Bioethanol also refers to the technology of using principally corn ( maize seed ) to make ethanol directly through fermentation, a process that under certain field and process conditions can consume as much energy as is the energy value of the ethanol it produces, therefore being non-sustainable.
  • On-Line monitoring has generally had slow reporting rates in the past ( minutes or hours ) and been limited by process conditions and sources of error but newer technologies can report rates up to twice per minute with much higher accuracy ( referred to as real-time monitoring ).
  • Although negative pressure might seem to draw an adequate amount of air through the affected area to prevent a buildup of dust and fumes, fluctuations in process conditions, operation anomalies, and environmental conditions when the plant is not operational can all lead to contamination and / or damage to instruments.
  • Based on the results of studies in this field he concluded that depending on the process conditions, the chain branching could occur on the walls of the reactor as a result of decomposition of unstable intermediate compounds, such as peroxides, with the ejection of radicals into the reactor volume where they will continue the chain propagation in the gas phase.
  • These customers rely on KLA-Tencor s inline wafer and IC defect monitoring, review and classification; reticle defect inspection and metrology; packaging and interconnect inspection; critical dimension ( CD ) metrology; pattern overlay metrology; film thickness, surface topography and composition measurements; measurement of in-chamber process conditions, wafer shape and stress metrology; computational lithography tools and overall yield and fab-wide data management and analysis systems.
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