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quantal sentence in Hindi

"quantal" meaning in Hindi
  • When a vesicle releases its neurotransmitters via exocytosis, it empties its entire contents into the synaptic cleft . Neurotransmitter release from vesicles is therefore stated to be quantal because only whole numbers of vesicles can be released.
  • Gaining a First Class BSc in physics just two years later, he continued, obtaining his PhD on " Quantal Calculations of certain reaction rates with applications to Astrophysical and Geophysical problems " in 1951.
  • Based on these observations, they developed the'quantal hypothesis'that is the basis for our current understanding of neurotransmitter release as exocytosis and for which they received the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1970.
  • Heisenberg recites Duane's account of particle diffraction by probabilistic quantal translation momentum transfer, which allows, for example in Young's two-slit experiment, each diffracted particle probabilistically to pass discretely through a particular slit.
  • The fundamental unit of chemical neurotransmission is due to the " quantal release event ", which is due to the fusion of synaptic vesicles with the plasma membrane, which provides for release of the encapsulated neurotransmitter from the synapse.
  • The explicit polarization ( X-Pol ) method appears to have established the fundamental theoretical framework for a quantal force field; the next step is to develop the necessary parameters to achieve more accurate results than classical mechanics can offer.
  • They have introduced new methods to demonstrate how the synapses work, including the first means to measure the fundamental " quantal " unit of neurotransmitter release from central synapses and the first video means to observe release of neurotransmitter from individual synapses.
  • In 1977, through his groundbreaking discoveries he founded a physiological scientific school for the study of the non-quantal release of neurotransmitters, presented an integrated theory of this second main mechanism for the transfer of information at nerve and muscle synapses ( the location of signal transmission ).
  • Sulzer and colleagues reported the first direct recordings of quantal neurotransmitter release from brain synapses using an electrochemistry technique known as amperometry using microelectrodes in an approach previously used by Mark Wightman, a chemist at the University of North Carolina, to measure release of adrenaline from adrenal chromaffin cells.
  • If the diffracting slits are considered as classical objects, theoretically ideally seamless, then a wave interpretation seems necessary, but if the diffracting slits are considered physically, as quantal objects exhibiting collective quantal motions, then the particle-only and wave-only interpretations seem perhaps equally valid.
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