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tax rebate sentence in Hindi

"tax rebate" meaning in Hinditax rebate in a sentence
  • The behavior of Americans who received tax rebates also hints at more saving.
  • New Jersey property owners will soon receive their NJ Saver property tax rebates.
  • Residents enjoy tax rebates on property, discounted electricity and water services.
  • The package also includes a salaries tax rebate, and reduced rates.
  • Q : Is the income tax rebate for 2000 or 2001?
  • Tax rebates on crude oil and oil products except gasoline were removed altogether.
  • WASHINGTON _ The first federal income tax rebate checks have begun to arrive.
  • The government also eliminated special income tax rebates and raised medical insurance premiums.
  • The first nearly 8 million tax rebates were mailed out Friday.
  • Both sides favor the earned income tax credit, a tax rebate.
  • Q . What does President Bush plan to do with his tax rebate check?
  • Or perhaps people are wanting to spend their tax rebates.
  • Haven't decided what to do with that tax rebate check?
  • Ending income tax rebates will also discourage consumers, Kato said.
  • Another popular plan is to extend an income tax rebate.
  • Individuals must apply annually for this state funded tax rebate.
  • A $ 38 billion tax rebate is in the mail.
  • Another crucial element was tax rebates that American honey producers called an unfair subsidy.
  • How some Americans plan to spend their income tax rebates:
  • The Cabinet also agreed to discontinue the special tax rebates.
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