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tax rebate sentence in Hindi

"tax rebate" meaning in Hinditax rebate in a sentence
  • And Bush's tax rebates are a classic Keynesian anti-recession maneuver.
  • Until Tuesday, most tax rebate debate was in the Senate.
  • The first wave of nearly 8 million tax rebates were mailed out last Friday_
  • Senate Democrats are still weighing two ways of doling out the sales tax rebate.
  • France bowed to some trucker demands and granted tax rebates.
  • Results were boosted by a 55 million yuan tax rebate.
  • The ( summertime ) tax rebate was a slow process.
  • Exempt users were required to pay the excise and reimbursed through a tax rebate.
  • Spend your tax rebate and help spur national prosperity.
  • Tax rebates had done little to stimulate consumer spending.
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