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tidbit sentence in Hindi

"tidbit" meaning in Hinditidbit in a sentence
  • Rail : Headlines from that day and other tidbits about it.
  • Sit down at the table with them for some tantalizing tidbits.
  • Tidbits we picked up along the road to College Football 2004:
  • And the tidbit should be small enough for a single mouthful.
  • That tidbit of history, apparently, was not disclosed before.
  • Entertainers, tycoons and socialites give the tabloids plenty of tidbits.
  • Perhaps this tidbit on hardware is a good place to start?
  • Its used by the media for tidbit information not biographical info.
  • This article is about a constellation with a few interesting tidbits.
  • tidbits and dollar included . ( First published in 1993)
  • And there were other tidbits she picked up about this alternative lifestyle.
  • "I don't write about juicy tidbits.
  • By themselves, these tidbits of datajunk have not amounted to much.
  • Kessler . ( Pocket, $ 23 . ) Tidbits about
  • I spend hours online searching for travel tidbits for myself and friends.
  • Those sentimental tidbits that added up to such Himalayas of precious recollection?
  • They cluster together, hungrily picking at tidbits of information.
  • That's not the only tantalizing tidbit left hanging.
  • However, the juicy tidbits are just too tempting to pass up.
  • Consider these depressing tidbits U . S . News spotlighted:
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