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tiddlywinks sentence in Hindi

"tiddlywinks" meaning in Hindi
  • I feel strongly this telling tale should be required viewing for all junior high and senior high coaches and players, be the sport volleyball or tiddlywinks.
  • You've got to have that and I don't care whether it's in checkers or tiddlywinks or whatever the case ."
  • More recently, singles and pairs tournaments have come to be the focus of competitive tiddlywinks, with only a few team matches being played each year.
  • In America, there has been a tradition of tiddlywinks in Washington D . C ., Boston, Eastern Ohio, and Ithaca, New York.
  • "The way things are going, if you actually tried ( tiddlywinks ), you'd probably come up with a sprained thumb,"
  • "No one would pay $ 10 to enter this place to play chess, or jacks or tiddlywinks, " he wrote in his opinion.
  • "But the will to win is the will to win, no matter if it's playing the Super Bowl or playing Tiddlywinks ."
  • On the list of grueling sports events, the 50-meter freestyle ranks just above marbles and tiddlywinks, and that's why Bill Pilczuk likes it.
  • Ranging from the $ 50m a year soccer players to the world champions in really low-level sports, say, tiddlywinks, but with everything in between?
  • John has broadcast dozens of legendary games, but is equally comfortable as the anchor on election night, or doing PA for lacrosse, softball, or tiddlywinks.
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