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treasure hunting sentence in Hindi

"treasure hunting" meaning in Hindi
  • This is where Art Mckee, the " Father of Underwater treasure hunting " got his start.
  • Treasure hunting activity, however, is primarily motivated by potential for profit rather than for archaeological purposes.
  • A coin collector and history buff, Brock has been treasure hunting for more than 20 years.
  • Scrooge is sometimes characterized as an irritable miser, but he loves adventure, treasure hunting and his family.
  • In treasure hunting there are always true stories, false ones, and those built up from minor events.
  • "Shabby Chic : Treasure Hunting & AMP; Decorating Guide " ( HarperCollins Publishers ) by Rachel Ashwell
  • The National Museum of the Philippines is responsible for the issuance of treasure hunting permits and licenses.
  • Amateur excavations, treasure hunting, plundering, and illegal diggings, almost constant since 1999, continue to deteriorate the site.
  • But all that treasure hunting was secondary.
  • Some women who were treasure hunting had stopped at the house, and the men showed them the bones.
  • As children, Stan and Ford would scour the beach and go treasure hunting, searching for objects of value.
  • The fundamental contribution of the Morea scientific expedition was in effect its quasi-disinterest in pillage and treasure hunting.
  • The three of them decide to take a yacht and go treasure hunting off the coast of Africa.
  • He was treasure hunting via satellite.
  • "That's why they call it treasure hunting and not treasure finding, " says John Brandon, a Fort Pierce salvor.
  • Professional organisations generally invest considerable effort to ensure that their treasure hunting is legal and hence is not looting.
  • In the early 1680s, Phips began to engage in a favorite colonial pastime of treasure hunting in the Bahamas.
  • Eventually he left the loch for good in the early 1980s to allegedly embark on a treasure hunting expedition.
  • Black sailed the ship through the Panama Canal and then spent eight years treasure hunting in the Turks and Caicos.
  • He did a bit of underwater treasure hunting, and once sold a mosquito repellent that residents say was pretty good.
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