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vacillations sentence in Hindi

"vacillations" meaning in Hindi  
  • More than any other issue, Bosnia reflects Clinton's vacillation and indecisiveness on foreign policy.
  • He made his television debut as Willy in " The Vacillations of Poppy Carew ".
  • It was Shah Alam II's poor judgement and vacillation that led to his own downfall.
  • Weakness in policy or vacillation in opinion found no lodgment in Governor Easton's administration ."
  • Why, for example, are we so deeply moved by Fiordiligi, an apparent dumbbell of vacillation?
  • It was a time of vacillation by Mayor John Lindsay, the Board of Education and many others.
  • Goebbels, Hitler's minister of propaganda, portrays a formative Hitler prone to bumbling and vacillation.
  • But with all the on-and-off vacillation, there wasn't a big turnout.
  • But the appeals came only after weeks of vacillation and outright opposition to Serb participation from leading officials.
  • This explains the vacillations of Halder, who could never quite bring himself to take the decisive step.
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