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vacuum pump sentence in Hindi

"vacuum pump" meaning in Hindi
  • Rothstein likens these transporters to " little vacuum pumps ."
  • During the 1930s, improvements in vacuum pumps made vacuum deposition methods, like sputtering, possible.
  • Helix is a leading supplier of vacuum pumps that are needed to make semiconductors.
  • Maintaining a vacuum in the liquid ring vacuum pump is used for this purpose.
  • He demonstrated the vacuum pump to separate the pairs of copper hemispheres using air pressures.
  • Helix develops low-temperature devices and vacuum pumps for makers of electronic parts, such as semiconductors.
  • The first support meeting I went to they brought out vacuum pumps and the like,
  • In 1922, he was trying to develop an industrial vacuum pump for vacuuming iron filings.
  • That tube was evacuated by the highly effective mercury vacuum pump created by Hermann Sprengel.
  • Typically, a vacuum pump is used to remove the air from the empty heat pipe.
  • The flow capacity of the vacuum pump is less important than its peak vacuum level.
  • With suitable port connections, the devices may be either a compressor or a vacuum pump.
  • That pressure is higher than that created by modern vacuum pumps on earth, not lower.
  • Nash is the leader in liquid ring vacuum pumps.
  • :There are vacuum pumps that may make breasts grow.
  • A focus of the lawsuits is the vacuum pump system that helps control the attitude indicator.
  • The tube is attached to a manifold which is itself attached to a high-quality vacuum pump.
  • The company makes temperature devices and vacuum pumps.
  • Because of defective vacuum pumps for a brake booster, the brakes didn't work well, Kutoba said.
  • Then the bananas are wrapped in plastic, and the air sucked out with a vacuum pump.
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