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vacuum pump sentence in Hindi

"vacuum pump" meaning in Hindi
  • Influenced by Torricelli, Otto von Guericke invented a vacuum pump by modifying an air gun pump.
  • The manufacturing process of lactylates is an vacuum outgassing with the use of a vacuum pump system.
  • It has a false bottom, to which is connected a pipe from a vacuum pump working intermittently.
  • Vacuum pumps are the usual vacuum source.
  • Robert Boyle improved Guericke's design and with the help of Robert Hooke further developed vacuum pump technology.
  • The West Seattle Hum was traced to a vacuum pump used by CalPortland to offload cargo from ships.
  • In comparison with their predecessors, sealed neutron tubes do not require vacuum pumps and gas sources for operation.
  • SGL's listing was closely followed the same month by Pfeiffer Vacuum Technology AG, a turbomolecular vacuum pump maker.
  • He invented the vacuum pump, a device that can draw out air or gas from the attached vessel.
  • In this method heated air is forced through the mold prior to the use of a vacuum pump.
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