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zanzibari sentence in Hindi

"zanzibari" meaning in Hindi
  • Even in the case of state television broadcast from the mainland, there was a delay in the feed, allowing Zanzibari censors to intervene.
  • I haven't been able to find on the internet whether or not the recognition of Zanzibari status is indicated in the Tanzanian passport.
  • Amnesty International and other human rights groups have criticized the Zanzibari government for holding 18 opposition leaders in prison on treason charges for nearly three years.
  • Two Zanzibari tabligh were allegedly involved in the 1998 car bombing of the U . S . embassies in Kenya and Tanzania that killed 234 people.
  • Sultan Khalifah sent Zanzibari troops led by Brigadier-General Lloyd Mathews, a former Lieutenant of the Royal Navy, to restore order in Tanganyika.
  • The 15 CUF parliamentary legislators, as well as 16 CUF legislators from the Zanzibari House of Representatives, were expelled from the legislatures in April 2001.
  • In addition, the Portuguese started buying slaves from the Omani and Zanzibari traders in response to the interruption of the transatlantic slave trade by British abolitionists.
  • The two men met again in January 1882, when Stanley sailed across the river in a newly arrived steamboat accompanied by a large number of Zanzibari mercenaries.
  • This resulted in the Zanzibari government s June 2007 co-training, with a U . S . anti-trafficking expert, of 22 immigration officials.
  • At the same time, western influence was diminishing and by July 1964 just one Briton, a dentist, remained in the employ of the Zanzibari government.
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