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English-Hindi > serum protein

serum protein meaning in Hindi

serum protein sentence in Hindi

रजत प्रोटी
सिल्वर प्रोटीन
serum    पानी लसी सीरम मेदा
protein    प्रोटिन एम.
1.Cobalamins circulate bound to serum proteins called transcobalamins ( TC ) and haptocorrins.

2.These include serum proteins and pattern recognition receptors ( PRRs ).

3.The serum proteins transferrin, fibronectin, and plasminogen are also known to bind IGFBP-3.

4.The complex is believed to be unstable until it binds properdin, a serum protein.

5.Hydrophobicity of the cyclooctyne promotes sequestration by membranes and serum proteins, reducing bioavailable concentrations.

6.Commonly'unmeasured'anions include sulfates and a number of serum proteins.

7."' Gamma globulins "'are a class of globulins, identified by their position after serum protein electrophoresis.

8.The method has been used for quantitation of human serum proteins before automated methods became available.

9.David Hage at the University of Nebraska binds ligands to monolithic supports and measures the serum proteins.

10.His laboratory also described a number of genetic variants in serum proteins that allowed for later work in serum enzymes.

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