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serve out sentence in Hindi

"serve out" meaning in Hindi
  • But Agassi immediately broke back at love and served out the match.
  • He ignored calls for his resignation and served out his Senate term.
  • Lindsay is reconciled to serving out her last year of high school.
  • Seles served out her last two games of the set at love.
  • The soldier also will receive dishonorable discharge after serving out his sentence.
  • Agassi then produced four unforced errors as Ferrer served out the match.
  • That way lie presidencies only saints or master criminals could serve out.
  • Today proved to me that I can serve out a match,
  • Rosset served out the next game to take the first set.
  • Absinthe was served out of the rear boot of the taxi.
  • Would Wilson fully serve out a second term should he win?
  • Actually, it remains an open question whether Clinton serves out hispresidency.
  • He had served out his sentence for the 2000 rape conviction.
  • Dechy then served out her second win over Kuznetsova this year.
  • None of the officers served out the terms of their sentences.
  • Rusedski saved two match points before Arazi served out the match.
  • He then served out the set to take the early advantage.
  • What upset him was a call that ruled his serve out.
  • Yeltsin says he remains strong enough to serve out his term.
  • He lost the appeal and had to serve out his sentence.
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