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English-Hindi > shark liver oil

shark liver oil meaning in Hindi

shark liver oil sentence in Hindi

शार्क यकृत् तेल
shark    धूर्त धोखेबाज़
liver    जिगर जीनेवाला
oil    घी तेल रोगन रोग़न
1.Shark liver oil has been misleadingly promoted as a treatment for cancer.

2.People with seafood allergies may also react to shark liver oil.

3."' Shark liver oil "'is an oil obtained from the livers of sharks.

4.It has long been a shark fin, animal feed, and shark liver oil.

5.The angelshark may also be a source for shark liver oil and fishmeal.

6.In addition, the planks were coated with shark liver oil to make them water-resistant.

7.Shark liver oil is used in medicines and cosmetics.

8.Some animal studies have found that shark liver oil and its components may raise blood cholesterol levels.

9.Squalene, or shark liver oil, is it claimed, can reboot a sluggish metabolism, prevent coronary disease, and soften your skin.

10.Squalene is a cholesterol-builder in humans and also is found in vegetable oils, shark liver oil, cosmetics and various health supplements.

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