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English-Hindi > shish kebab

shish kebab meaning in Hindi

shish kebab sentence in Hindi
kebab    कबाब
1.Other foods have hybrid Tibetan, Indian and Thai origins . shish kebab.

2.Try Moishe's for shish kebab or falafel or more mundane rotisserie chicken.

3.Two of the best-known kebab dishes are shish kebab and doner kebab.

4.Dinner consisted of lamb shish kebabs, rice and salad, Mrs . Johnson reported.

5.Shish kebab : skewered meat usually layered with peppers and onions

6.If so, ask the butcher to make that meat into shish kebab cubes.

7.Grill with chicken, shish kebabs; stuff in chiles rellenos and other baked dishes.

8.When you grow tired of Buster, he will still want more shish kebab.

9.The shish kebab I ordered later, however, was absolutely mouth-watering.

10.Cookbook author and sushi chef Tracy Griffith presents a plate of Sushi Shish Kebabs.

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cubes of meat marinated and cooked on a skewer usually with vegetables
Synonyms: kabob, kebab,

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