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shoot it out sentence in Hindi

"shoot it out" meaning in Hindi
  • Maybe he's going to shoot it out with Newt.
  • I can shoot it out on the floor facing the basket.
  • They shoot it out; Marchettis is killed and Johnny wounded.
  • We must be ready to shoot it out with Washington, too.
  • It's shoot it in, shoot it out.
  • "We'll shoot it out ."
  • Time to shoot it out of the sky like a sorry clay pigeon.
  • Over a lumpy cactus, two gunslingers shoot it out with water pistols.
  • In burning pain, she runs towards a window and shoots it out.
  • They had to shoot it out of tall oaks with a . 22 rifle.
  • You never know when he just may have to shoot it out with outlaws.
  • Desperate type, who, if cornered, will try to shoot it out.
  • As they begin to shoot it out, Mitch collapses in agony and dies.
  • He coached that dog to crunch a racquetball in its mouth and shoot it out.
  • Allan Houston and Glen Rice shoot it out, winner stays, loser leaves town.
  • He shoots it out with Brazos, who has taken over, and kills him.
  • He and a bandaged Michaels shoot it out, while panicked swimmers dive for cover.
  • While the sheriff and prosecutors shoot it out, other law officers steer clear of cross fire.
  • The final two survivors will shoot it out in a town park, then collect cash prizes.
  • He managed to shoot it out to about 20 feet and sank the putt to save par.
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