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English-Hindi > shopping bag

shopping bag meaning in Hindi

shopping bag sentence in Hindi
• शॉपिंग बैग
shopping    खरीददारी बाजार
bag    बोरिया बहुत सारा
1.Little old ladies were coming in with shopping bags full of stock.

2.What about that shopping bag full of photographs from two vacations ago?

3.The parking lots are packed 10 deep and very few shopping bags.

4.Clothes were removed from their shopping bags and hung according to function.

5.Many people stopped and stood motionless with shopping bags at their side.

6.The vinyl release of the album contained a novelty plastic shopping bag.

7.Wrapping paper and paper shopping bags can be recycled as mixed paper.

8.Keegan demanded that Lee and Wong produce their shopping bags and receipts.

9.She demanded that a pink plastic shopping bag be filled with cash.

10.The money was delivered in shopping bags at an underground parking lot.

a bag made of plastic or strong paper (often with handles); used to transport goods after shopping

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